New Vision Marine Technologies E-Motion 180E Electric Outboard - Sale !!

THE FIRST ALL-IN-ONE MARINE ELECTRIC POWERTRAIN FEATURING /// POWER 180 HP 180E Electric Powertrain can provide a consistent 180 HP of pure electric power. /// VOLTAGE HIGH VOLTAGE Cutting edge secured high voltage powertrain which provide power when you need it most. /// POWER BANK 70 KWH The 180E scalable powerbank will provide ample power ideal for dayboaters.
Quiet Operation

The E-motion 180E features a motor that runs quieter than many traditional outboards. This ensures a quieter environment on the water, enhancing the audibility of natural sounds.


The initial cost of electric outboards, such as the E-motion 180E, can be higher than some traditional gasoline outboards. However, electric outboards might offer potential savings in the long run. The absence of gasoline expenses and potentially reduced maintenance requirements, given the lack of oil changes and fuel system upkeep, can contribute to these savings.

Reliability and Longevity

Electric powertrains, known for their durability and low maintenance, make the 180E stand out. It has fewer moving parts than traditional engines, ensuring higher reliability, an extended lifespan, and lower operating costs with less downtime.

Intended to be durable and resistant to marine conditions

Advanced Battery Technology

The E-motion 180E incorporates modern battery technology. This technology aims to provide extended run times and quicker charging capabilities. Engine E-motion incorporates advanced thermal management systems to optimize battery performance and longevity. These systems regulate temperature to ensure the battery operates within its ideal range, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Intuitive Control System

The E-motion 180E features a user-friendly control system. It caters to both newcomers and experienced boaters with its straightforward design. The integrated control system facilitates seamless communication between the motor, battery, and vehicle, providing precise control and optimized energy use, which boosts performance and efficiency.

Robust Build

The E-motion 180E uses materials specifically chosen for their durability and resistance to marine conditions. This design ensures the product withstands the challenges of the marine environment.

Engine and Power

The E-motion 180E centers around its robust electric motor, the primary force behind its capabilities. Engineers designed this motor to balance efficiency and high performance. Users will experience smooth acceleration without the jolts and jerks some other motors might produce.

Power Source

The motor is powered by a 60kWh lithium battery, ensuring a balance between longevity and power.


Operating at 650 volts, the E-motion 180E is designed to provide efficient power conversion and delivery.


With a full charge, the E-motion 180E offers an estimated range of 70 nautical miles.

Cruising Speed

At a cruising speed of 20 mph (or 17.4 knots), boaters can expect to travel for approximately 3.5 hours, though this can vary based on boat type and conditions.


The E-motion 180E boasts a capability of 180 horsepower (135 kW), positioning it as a strong competitor in the electric outboard market. A highlight of this motor is its advanced cooling system. While many machines risk overheating from prolonged use or challenging conditions, potentially impacting performance and longevity, the E-motion 180E’s cooling system keeps the motor at the ideal temperature. This is especially valuable in demanding conditions, ensuring consistent performance and preserving the motor’s lifespan.

Specifications and Dimensions

The E-motion 180E has a stated weight of approximately 40kg. This weight places it in a category that might be considered lightweight for some electric outboards. However, the actual feel and handling can vary based on the boat it’s attached to and other factors.

Shaft Length
With a shaft length of 25 inches, the E-motion 180E is designed to fit a variety of boat transoms. This length might be suitable for both smaller boats and larger vessels, but it’s essential to check compatibility with specific boat models.

Battery Capacity
The battery capacity of the E-motion 180E is intended to provide several hours of boating. The actual duration can vary based on factors like boat weight, water conditions, and usage patterns.

Charging Time
The E-motion 180E is designed to recharge in a few hours. This relatively quick charging time aims to minimize downtime and get boaters back on the water swiftly. 

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  • Model: E-Motion 180E
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