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The OXE150 is a powerful and reliable diesel outboard engine that delivers exceptional performance and fuel efficiency. With 150 horsepower, 607Nm of torque on the propeller shaft, and a direct fuel injection system, this engine offers impressive speed and acceleration, while reducing your overall fuel consumption and operating costs.

The OXE Diesel 150 is the most proven concept in the OXE Diesel range. It delivers 150 HP and 380NM (280ft-lb) of torque. With the high torque gear ratio on the primary belt, the unit delivers up to 607NM (664 ft-lb) of torque on the propeller shaft.

The OXE Diesel 150 is the ultimate work tool for commercial heavy-duty vessels with single or multiple installations. The unit allows for long-range operations due to fuel consumption limited to 32L/hrs. (8.5 US Gallons/hrs.) WOT.   

The primary customers for the OXE Diesel 150 are heavy commercial applications, tender boats and other heavy commercial or load demanding applications.



The powerful high torque of the diesel engine manifests itself throughout the OXE Diesel engine series. Together with the robust transmission and interchangeable gear ratios, it provides the users with reliable options to use the engine as both a powerful workhorse and a high-speed solution.

Diesel provides for high efficiency and torque. It gives increased load capacity and greatly reduced fuel consumption compared to gasoline, increasing the range by over 60%.


Due to a significantly lower fuel consumption than a leisure outboard, the OXE Diesel offers the user unprecedented range. The fact that OXE Diesel runs on diesel gives the user the ability to refuel from larger diesel-powered vessels or marine-based platforms that further increases the versatility. This greatly increases operational runtimes for operators who predominantly use diesel as the main fuel. The OXE Diesel also has great fuel economy and uses 40% less fuel than a modern, leisure, gasoline outboard.


Reduced CO2 emissions

Just as with CO2, the reduced fuel consumption is a key factor to why the OXE Diesel engine emits significantly lower CO when comparing the OXE Diesel to pleasure craft gasoline outboards. The much stricter directives that exist in the automotive industry, such as for example the EPA Tier III regulations, have directly benefitted the OXE Diesel engine since its powerhead is derived from the automotive industry. In accordance with EPA Tier III, one litre of diesel should only emit 8.36g while the non-regulated gasoline engines can emit up to 620g/l.

The result is a dramatic reduction of harmful CO by up to 99.7% compared with a ness regulated gasoline engine.

The reduced fuel consumption is a key factor to why the OXE Diesel engine emits significantly lower CO2 than a gasoline outboard engine. One litre of diesel produces approximately 2.69kg CO2 and one litre of gasoline produces 2.36kg CO2 when ignited. Since OXE150 consumes less fuel than gasoline alternatives, it reduces CO2 emissions by up to 34.5%.

Reduced HC NOX emissions

Lower fuel consumption means that the OXE Diesel engine emits significantly lower HC and NOx than gasoline outboard engines. One litre of diesel produces approximately 17.8g of HC NOx when ignited, compared to 33.4g of HC NOx for one litre of gasoline.

Since OXE200 consumes up to 42% less fuel than gasoline alternatives, it reduces the HC NOx emissions by up to 69.8%.


Diesel Engine
Low Speed Control
Fuel Economy
CAN based helm control system
Dual helm capability
Joystick docking
Robust modular design
Low drag propulsion housing
Directly replaceable with other outboards
Quick shift capable

Technical Data OXE 150 HP

Engine type: Diesel, L4
Displacement: 2.0 L
Intake:     Turbocharged, inter-cooled
Torque:     High Speed: 380Nm (280 ft-lb), High Torque: 607NM (447 ft-lb) @ 2500 RPM
Power:     150 HP at 4100 RPM
Fuel:     Diesel
EN 590, ASTM D 975 No.1
No.2. JIS KK2204, F54 & F75
Weight:     350 kg
Alternator output: 130 Amp
Rig length: 25” or 33”
Cooling: Closed cooling circuit
Starting: Electric
Steering options:     Hydraulic, Electronic Power Steering, Joystick
Shiſt:     CANbus, Electro-hydraulic
Clutch:     Hydraulic multi-friction plate
Gear ratios:     1.73:1 and 2.17:1
Dimensions (25” leg), LHW 994x1880x678mm

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