New Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 RL TorqLink 25 HP Electric Outboard - Sale !!

We’ve upgraded our proven, reliable Cruise 3.0 and 6.0 e-motors with 50% more power.The new electric boat motors include optimized helical gears to provide quiet, lightweight power unrivaled in this market.This durable and extremely robust design is perfect for sailboats, motorboats and commercial applications up to 12 tons.Available with remote throttle (R) or tiller (T) control, in 3 kW, 6 kW, 10 kW and 12 kW versions - with a variety of shaft lengths to accommodate a wide range of applications.

12 kW continuous power - powerful propulsion like a 25 hp combustion engine
TorqLink data interface - enables fast data exchange between TorqLink components without gateway
Electric tilting device for comfortable operation
Easy handling thanks to low-voltage design (48 volts)
Very robust construction - corrosion-protected, seawater-proof and waterproof all around (IP67)
Battery connection cable with water-protected battery pole terminals (IP 66) for connecting up to two Power 48-5000
Variants: Short shaft S: 38.5cm shaft length, long shaft L 51.2cm shaft length, extra long shaft XL 63.9cm shaft length
Weight (without cable & main switch): 59.8 kg (S), 61.3 kg (L), 62.5 kg (XL)
To operate the Cruise 12.0 with more than two Power 48-5000 batteries, please contact your Torqeedo dealer
Please note that the engine power is reduced to 6 kW when operating with only one Power 48-5000 battery

Cruise 12.0 R TorqLink

Cruise motors are the electric outboard motor of choice for motorboats, dinghies and commercial users. All Cruise systems have a built-in GPS with onboard computer and display with speed and input power, state of charge and remaining range, with a compact, low-drag, and lightweight pylon due to advanced helical gear design. Cruise 12.0 is a 48-Volt, 25 horsepower-equivalent outboard perfect for boats up to 10 tons. The Cruise 12.0 R ships with Torqeedo’s advanced communication system, TorqLink (see below for further information), which allows faster and more accurate data sharing between system components.

Cruise 12.0 R TorqLink - Benefits:

High-efficiency outboard with 12,000 W input power, equivalent to a 25 HP petrol outboard
Pair with two or more Power 48-5000 for best performance and accurate range/runtime functionality
This model ships with remote steering link arm
Your choice of TorqLink throttles (we recommend part number 1976-00 TorqLink throttle with colour display)
Rugged aluminium pylon with integral fin – extra protection when running aground
Highest-grade seawater-proof aluminium for long service life, even in the harshest conditions
Comprehensive galvanic corrosion protection through careful matching of all materials and meticulous isolation of materials with different electrochemical properties - ships with anode set for fresh and saltwater

TorqLink is Torqeedo’s advanced electronics communication system developed for Deep Blue and now available for select Cruise motors, throttles and Power 48-5000 batteries. All products marked TorqLink will communicate seamlessly at startup. A TorqLink Gateway (2217-00) allows you to include components without TorqLink in your system.

Cruise 12.0 with 2 x Power 48-5000
As tested on My-RIB 420

Speed in km/h*    Running time in hh:mm
Slow    5.9    10:00
Half throttle    12.7    01:25
Full throttle    28.0    00:50

Technical Data Cruise 12.0 R TorqLink

Input power in watts    12,000
Propulsive power in watts    6720
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power)    25 HP
Comparable petrol outboards (thrust)    25 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in %    56
Static thrust in lbs*    ≤ 405
Integrated battery    -
Nominal voltage    48
Final charging voltage    -
Weight in kg (w/o cables & main switch)    59.8 (S), 61.3 (L), 62.5 (XL)
Motor weight without battery in kg    -
Weight of integrated battery    -
Shaft length in cm    38.5 (S) / 51.2 (L) / 63.9 (XL)
Standard propeller
v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts    v22/p10k
Alternative propeller options    v32/p10k & v15/p10k
Maximum propeller speed in rpm    1,400
Control    Remote throttle
TorqLink    Yes
Steering    Provision to connect to standard remote steering
Tilting device    Electrohydraulic tilt device with overload protection.
Tilt angle    -45°
Trim device    Manual, 4-step
Integrated on-board computer    Yes
Stepless forward/reverse drive    Yes

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  • Model: Cruise 12.0 R TorqLink
  • Brand: Torqeedo

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